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When's the last time you jumped out of bed?

Need a good night's sleep?

Getting a "Good Night's Sleep" has a positive effect
on your attitude, health and active lifestyle

Springwall mattresses from Hensall Major Appliance & Mattresses

Springwall offers different styles and materials
from foam to coils
to suit different sleep requirements

To discuss your family's unique sleep needs contact us

A mattress is a long term investment and
the right selection is crucial to your sleep quality and your wellbeing.
Protect your investment with quality mattress protectors.

To cope with today's hectic lifestyles and stresses, we all need the very best possible sleep every night. After a few years, mattresses no longer provide the support needed for optimal sleeping and, if they haven't been protected by quality protectors, they also become havens for organisms that cause allergies and other health issues.

Get the most from your recharge time with advanced mattress technology. Don't forget to protect your investment. Select high-quality protectors for your mattresses and pillows.

We carry quality mattresses for a variety of budgets. The latest mattress technology is designed to eliminate tossing and turning to ensure a restorative night's sleep for years to come.

To talk about which of our mattress types meet your needs come to our store or contact us.

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