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Extended Service Guarantee

Up to 5 years

Total Years

5 4 3
♦ 'Don't use; Don't lose it!' Service Guarantee Y Y Y
♦ No stress, we are there for you Y Y Y
♦ 100% Parts and Labour for mechanical breakdowns (non cosmetic) Y Y Y
♦ Surge protection Y Y Y
♦ Unlimited service calls, up to a maximum value of the original purchase price Y Y Y
♦ No deductible and no personal expense (during the term of the service plan) Y Y Y
♦ In-home service by a certified technician Y Y Y
♦ Repetitive breakdown clause (after 3 failures for same component during term of plan) Y Y Y
♦ Transferable Y Y Y
♦ On select appliances Supplementary coverage: BONUS Y Y N
♦ Frozen Food Spoilage: BONUS *some conditions apply - ask us for details Y Y Y
♦ When purchased with Service Plan: One (1) BONUS Year coverage (washing machine only) Y Y Y
♦ When purchased with Service Plan: Six (6) Bonus Months coverage (washing machine only) Y Y Y

“Don't use it; Don't lose it!”

We are very proud of our customer service. We would like to ensure that when you buy an appliance from us, that you do it with confidence and complete peace of mind. We belive that our customers prefer a complete parts and labour service for 5,4 or 3 years, rather than just teh normal 1 year manufacturer's warranty. For this reason, we encourage our customers to purchase the Excelsior Service Plan.

The Benefits are:

Complete parts and labour coverage for the total duration of your Excelsior Service Plan, up to a maximum of 5 years, starting from the date of delivery to your home. Please come in or call for details.

The Not So Fine Print

- Reparis or replacements due to misuse, mishandling or abuse are excluded and not eligible for service.
- Appliances used for commercial applications, whether or not this use is in the plan owner's residence, are not eligible for service.
- Appliances covered under either service plan must be mechanically inoperable to be repaired or replaced, with the exception of the bonus coverages*. This does not include scratches, dents, chipping, cigarette burns, discolouring/ soiling, stains, rusting and loss or damage resulting from external causes.
- Repair, replacement or cleaning of light bulbs, fuses, filters, shelves, drawers, handles, cables or any add-on devices or peripherals are not eligible for service, with the exception of the bonus coverages*.
- Once the original appliance covered by this service plan has been replaced or has incurred repairs up to the original purchase price, the service plan will be deemed as having fulfilled its obligations.
- In the event a service call is placed and the technician finds that the appliance or its parts have no problems, the plan owner will be responsible for paying the cost of the service call.
- Maximum lkiability of either service plan is the original purchase price less applicable taxes of the inoperale item only as it appears on the invoice.
- Service is provided for the inoperable item only, and does not cover servicing or repair or prelacement of any "pairs" or "sets" of appliances purchased at teh same time as the damaged item.
-In the event an appliance requires installation/uninstallation, any associated charges for this are not covered by this service plan.
- See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

* Bonus Coverages

Stove, Range, Small Oven, & Cooktop
      - coverage of 1 time repair for broken doors and shelves, 6 time repair for broken drawer wheels, adn 6 time repair for broken temperature control knobs.

      - coverage of 1 time repair for a broken cutlery basket.

Refrigerator & Freezer
      - frozen food loss (5 & Year: R $250 / F $500).
      - frozen food loss (3Year: R $100 / F $250).
      - coverage of 2 time repair for broken shelves and drawers.
For complete terms and conditions please contact Hensal Major Appliance & Mattress Centre click here for contact information.